VELCRO® Brand One-Wrap® Qwik-ties are perfect for controlling and organizing wires, cords, and cables and for bundling a wide range of materials-from flowers to tools. Adjustable VELCRO® Brand One-Wrap® ties are strong, reusable, and designed for heavier-duty indoor or outdoor use. VELCRO® Brand Qwik Tie self-gripping fasteners are ideal for cord control and cable management applications, especially those that don’t require the durability of our VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® brand fasteners. Our glue-free manufacturing process eliminates chemical residues and the risk of delamination, and the printable hook surface is perfect for adding a company name or customized message. Reusable, adjustable Qwik Ties are available in a variety of lengths, strap configurations, and roll sizes.


  Product Product code Price  
1/2" VELCRO® Brand Qwik Tie - 25 yd. Roll

CODE: 6VE-158786B

3/4" VELCRO® Brand Qwik Tie - 25yd roll

CODE: 6VE-158785B

5/8" VELCRO® Brand Qwik Tie - 25yd roll

CODE: 6VE-158783B

1" VELCRO® Brand Qwik Tie - 25 yd. Roll

CODE: 6VE-158781B

3/4" x 12" VELCRO® Brand Qwik Tie - 75 straps per roll

CODE: 6VE-158795B

3/4" x 8" VELCRO® Brand Qwik Tie - 112 straps per roll

CODE: 6VE-158792B