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At Rubenstein and Ziff, you will find a full line of VELCRO® products, guaranteed to meet every fastening need. These classic hook-and-loop closures have been used for decades in homes, schools and businesses, for crafts, hobbies, decorating, organizing and more. All of our VELCRO® products are available for online ordering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we do offer wholesale VELCRO® products by the roll, saving you money.

Learn more about these fantastic hook-and-loop fasteners:

VELCRO® Brand Adhesives

VELCRO® Brand Adhesives are the perfect general purpose fastener. Available in varying sizes, lengths and adhesive strengths, these hook-and-loop fasteners are simple to use. Just remove the adhesive liner, press the fastener into place and you're done. No mess. No sewing. And VELCRO® Brand Adhesive fasteners can be cut to size. Our adhesive backed fasteners are available in both acrylic and rubber based formulations and feature temperature operating ranges from -40°F to 225°F, making them suitable for almost any application.

VELCRO® Brand Sew-On Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand Sew-On Fasteners are the perfect choice when you don't want to use a button, snap or zipper. Fully washable, these nylon hook-and-loop fasteners come in a variety of widths, colors and hook strengths, ensuring you'll find the right size and color to meet your project needs. Some of these sew-on fasteners can be used outdoors and others are fire retardant and temperature resistant, giving them wide applicability. All VELCRO® Brand Sew-On Fasteners can be hand or machine-stitched.

VELCRO® Brand High Technology Hook (HTH)

For really heavy-duty jobs, count on VELCRO® Brand High Technology Hook (HTH). These highly engineered fasteners are ready to handle the tough stuff. Water impermeable, made of molded plastic hooks and available in a wide range of widths and resins to suit every need, VELCRO® Brand High Technology Hook can be scored or die-cut into shapes. HTH products can be sewed, welded or heat-sealed on, or may be purchased with a pressure sensitive adhesive.


For a strong, reusable wrap that won't fall apart and is fire-retardant, count on ONE-WRAP® Tape. These flexible, fabric strips are often used to organize electronics cables and cords, tools or wiring, but the possibilities are endless! Use them to wrap bundles of wood or secure rolled up sleeping bags. ONE-WRAP® Tape is hook-and-loop laminated back-to-back with no adhesive residue, so you can make your bundles as loose or as tight as you need. Available in 11 colors, these fasteners work well when you need to color-code your work.

VELCRO® Brand Qwik-Ties

VELCRO® Brand Qwik-Ties are just that - quick ties that are as perfect for organizing wires and bundling materials as they are for supporting tomatoes. Expect to get a lot of use out of our VELCRO® Brand Qwik-Ties. They are strong, reusable and work just as well indoors as they do outdoors. If you need an adjustable fastener but don't need the strength of our ONE-WRAP® brand fasteners, Qwik-Ties are your answer.

VELCRO® Brand VELTEX® Loop Fabric

Our VELCRO® Brand VELTEX® Loop Fabric is suitable anywhere a fabric covering is desired. Designed to pair with VELCRO® Brand ULTRA-MATE® Hook Fasteners, our loop fabric comes in 60" wide widths and many colors to coordinate with any decorating scheme. Displays, office partitions, bulletin boards and more are easily covered with VELCRO® Brand VELTEX® Loop Fabric by using a spray adhesive, a mechanical fastener or by sewing.

VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® Adhesive Backed Coins

VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® Adhesive Backed Coins are like glue dots without the sticky mess! Ideal for crafts, decorating and school projects, these adhesive backed coins are easy to use and available in many sizes and coatings. We offer a wide range of VELCOIN® Brand Adhesive Backed Coins for the ultimate in flexibility. Choose from rubber-based, acrylic, heat sealable or solvent activated adhesive backings, depending on the surface you'll be working with. With temperature operating ranges from -40°F to 225°F, these adhesive backed coins are suitable in almost any environment.

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